Northeast Hinterland (Exactly Foundation Book 1) : Northeast Hinterland (Exactly Foundation Book 1)

ISBN 9789814779012

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Kevin WY Lee


Northeast Hinterland captures evocative and thought-provoking night scenes of Punggol – a northeastern suburb that has been touted as “a waterfront town of 21st-century Singapore”. This series of photographs shows a side of Punggol that we do not normally see, where “sleep and sight are paradoxical”, and where “histories, mythologies and legacies ... play hide and seek”. The book also documents the responses of 105 viewers from all walks of life. Their opinions, recollections and musings triggered by the photos offer us a fascinating, multifaceted look at history, identity, and the ambiguities of land custodianship in Singapore.

Kevin WY Lee
Kevin WY Lee is a Fiji-born Singaporean photographer, founder of Invisible Photographer Asia, an influential platform for photographic arts in Asia. His publications include Suddenly The Grass Became Greener and Walking with Moriyama. Tony Godfrey, who writes the keynote essay, is an eminent art historian, curator and writer; his books Conceptual Art (1998) and Painting Today (2009) continue to contribute to contemporary art studies. Lawrence Basapa, grandson of the founder of Punggol Zoo, contributes a commentary.