Who Cares? (Exacting Foundation Book 5) : Who Cares? (Exacting Foundation Book 5)

ISBN 9789814779715

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Kelvin Lim


They are often mere statistics these days – the growing ranks of the elderly, whose care will be borne by ever fewer caregivers. But dive deeper into the people themselves and myriad stories emerge. Dreams, memories, fears, friendship, love, and loss... In Who Cares?, photographer Kelvin Lim uses his remarkable visual storytelling abilities to explore the world of these old men and women, and the larger questions of an ageing population. The book also documents the responses of 70 viewers from all walks of life. Their opinions, recollections and musings triggered by the photos offer us a fascinating, multifaceted look at ageing, identity, and the challenges facing caregiving in Singapore.

Kelvin Lim
Kelvin Lim, a commercial photographer, was the winner of the Best Portrait Photography 2016 award (Singapore Tatler). He has exhibited solo at Portraits of Love by the Home Nursing Foundation. The keynote essay is written by Radha Basu, director of research at Lien Foundation and a former Straits Times journalist.