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Start children on an enriching journey of learning with Read + Play,
equip them with the knowledge and skills, to emerge as confident,
empathetic, knowledgeable and communicative leaders,
capable of operating as global citizens in an increasingly connected world.




Why Read+Play

For all children, play is the key to learning, the Read + Play series of books harnesses the power of literature through the innovation of play.

The twin roles of reading and playing are critical to a child’s development. Our Read + Play series of books help children nurture a lifelong love for reading and learning through the power of play. With each story, children are guided through various Read and Play elements to immerse them in the story world experience.


Listening to stories tunes the ear and trains attention. This series encourages children to read with a buddy, such as with family members or caregivers at home, or with teachers and classmates at school.

The diverse range of stories will keep young readers engaged as they build vocabulary, expand their use of language and become confident speakers. They also nurture lasting bonds with others.

Play is crucial to learning. Through play, children practise and reinforce what they read, develop life skills, and are empowered to become independent learners, effective communicators, creative thinkers and unique problem-solvers.


Backed by research and field trials with young readers, this tried-and-tested series has been found to be useful in both the home and school environments.



For more information, please check out our detailed series deck here.

Read+Play Series (website)



Available September 2023





Available November 2023




What educators have to say

"I was blown away by the programme and just how much my students enjoyed the session. Highly recommended in today's world where educators like myself are more focused on language as communication and a means of holistic development of a student."





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