Our brands are the vehicles of our vision.

In educational publishing, the brands Marshall Cavendish Education, Marshall Cavendish Benchmark and Marshall Cavendish Online encompass the ladder of formal education – from pre-school to tertiary to academia - and the range of subject, genre and format – from textbooks and encyclopedias to multimedia products, electronic learning resources and public educational portals.

In culture and lifestyle, our brands are a force of innovation and quality. Marshall Cavendish Cuisine, for instance, has earned an international reputation for breakthrough design and content, and its epitomization of the culinary face of New Asia. Marshall Cavendish Editions holds a noted position in international publishing for its authentic Asian perspectives on art, architecture, interior style, culture, travel and health.

In recent years, recognition of our achievements have included the adoption of our series, Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Standards Edition and Primary Mathematics Standards Edition for grades 1 to 5, in the entire US state of California, Children's Choice Book Award 2008 awarded to Frankie Stein, Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People 2008 awarded to Frida: Viva La Vida! Long Live Life, winners of several Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2007 and Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12 for 2008 presented to Great Inventions: Microscopes and Telescopes.

Our books and brands are mainstays at international publishing fairs and the frequent subjects of retail activities such as author appearances, book signings and in-store talks and workshops.

We constantly reexamine our conceptions of knowledge and education in order to fashion new innovations, and bring the love, excitement and benefit of lifelong learning to teachers, students, academics, professionals and general readers the world over – our fellow travellers in wonder and discovery.