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Title Animal Fact File  
ISBN 978 981 4779 76 0
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Dr Tony Hare
Specifications 230 x 297 mm / 192 pages / Paperback
Publication Date Sep-2017
Target Audience Public
Price (SGD) SGD 25.00 BUY NOW
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About the Book

Animal Fact File is a visual guide to the most important—and most interesting—unique anatomical features of the world's most irresistible and fascinating mammals. Covering animals from diverse corners of the globe, from the trees of the Amazon basin to the depths of the ocean, the blazing floor of the desert to the frozen tundra of the Arctic, this book features more than 90 mammals, from aardvarks to wombats.

Each animal is featured on a two-page, full-colour illustrated spread that highlights special features of its body, accompanied by X-ray views showing the skeleton with clear annotations. Fact boxes and captions provide additional information, such as size, colour, distinguishing features and feeding habits.

Animal Fact File is the perfect introduction to the animal world for the general reader and an essential reference for any young adult with an interest in these remarkable mammals.  

About the Author

Dr Tony Hare (1954–2010) was a botanist, author, film-maker and conservationist who co-founded the charity Plantlife, which works nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. He also worked alongside some of the world’s leading environmental organisations such as World Wildlife Fund and Water Aid, and appeared on children’s environmental TV programmes in the UK. Some of his previous publications include Animal Habitats: Discovering How Animals Live in the Wild and Animal Life Cycles: Growing Up in the Wild
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