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Title The Unfinished Revolution: Sun Yat-Sen and the Struggle for Modern China  
ISBN 978-981-4779-07-4
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Kayloe Tjio
Specifications 152 x 227mm / 400pp / hardcover
Publication Date Sep-2017
Target Audience General
Price (SGD) SGD 42.00 BUY NOW
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About the Book

From rebel on the run to first president of republican China, the life of Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925) epitomizes his country’s turbulent struggle for modernity.

The Unfinished Revolution is a superb new biography of Sun Yat-sen, whose life, like the confusion of his time, is not easy to interpret. His political career was marked mostly by setbacks, yet he became a cult figure in China after his death. Today he is the only 20th-century Chinese leader to be widely revered on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In contrast, many Western historians see little in his ideas or deeds to warrant such high esteem.

This book presents the most balanced account of Sun to date, one that situates him within the historical events and intellectual climate of his time. Born in the shadow of the Opium War, the young Sun saw China repeatedly humiliated in clashes with foreign powers, resulting in the loss of territory and sovereignty. When his efforts to petition the decrepit Manchu court to institute reforms failed, Sun took to revolution.

Sun traversed the globe to canvass support for his cause. A notable feature of the book is its coverage of the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and their contributions to his uprisings on the mainland, which set the stage for the overthrow of two millennia of imperial rule in 1911.

But Sun’s vision of China was not to be. Within a few years the republic was hijacked and plunged into chaos. This fascinating and immensely readable work illuminates the man and his achievements, his strengths and his weaknesses, revealing how he came to spearhead the revolution that would transform his country and yet, at his death in 1925 and still today, remain agonizingly unfinished.

About the Author

Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, Tjio Kayloe settled down in Singapore after a long career in investment banking in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. He set up a business
providing specialized services to financial institutions, which he ran for more than a
decade before finally retiring. A graduate of the University of London and Columbia
University, New York, he now researches the history of modern China. This is his first
published work and preparations are already underway for his next, on the warlords of
republican China.
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