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General Title - Others
Title Think Speak Win  
ISBN 978-981-4328-84-5
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Gaurav Keerthi
Specifications 130 x 198 mm / 192 pp / paperback
Publication Date Apr-2011
Target Audience Debaters, students and anyone who wants to speak persuasively and win arguments; General interest readers
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About the Book

Think Speak Win is a first-of-its-kind introduction to debating - for students and for adults. While most books on persuasive speaking teach you how to speak persuasively, they don't teach you what's more important: how to think persuasively. Debaters excel when put on the spot because they know how to think fast, speak well, and win audiences.

This book distills the complexities of debate into simple, memorable, easy-to-follow components. Learn how to debate, judge, and coach a team. Hone your critical thinking skills, refine your delivery style, and outwit the toughest opponents.

Even if you're not a debater, the skills of debating can help you achieve greater success, whether at school or at work. This book guides you through a six-step process to apply Debate-Thinking to interviews, impromptu speeches, essay writing, leadership and management.

About the Author

Gaurav Keerthi was the President of Debate Association (Singapore), and a founding Fellow of Raffles Debate Academy. He has debated, coached and judged debates for over 16 years, and his former students include numerous internationally ranked debaters. In 2006-08, Gaurav worked with MediaCorp to develop and star in the Emmy-nominated student debateTV show, The Arena. He has also served as a debate consultant for Google, the World Bank, the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and written speeches for cabinet ministers.

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