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Title Brand Singapore  
ISBN 978 981 4779 24 1
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Business
Koh Buck Song
Specifications 130 x 198 mm / 240 pp / Paperback
Publication Date Jan-2017
Target Audience Readers interested in branding and/or Singapore, marketers, publicists, media professionals, government agencies
Price (SGD) SGD 23.35
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About the Book

How will the Singapore brand hold its own after Lee Kuan Yew, in a world of Brexit and Trump?

Reputation is precious. Top talent and hot money gravitate only to the most attractive, respected nations. For a country as small and as young as Singapore, its brand is its most valuable asset, as seen from its stunning ascent from Third World to First World in just 30 years, spearheaded by a concerted, closely-coordinated programme of nation branding.

How did Singapore create this country brand, cultivate and guard it, sell it to its “shareholders”, and make it known to the world? And how will Singapore build on its brand now, with the passing of its influential first Prime Minister, and in a global context marked by new forces of protectionism and divisiveness?

This second edition of Brand Singapore offers an illuminating inside look at – and candid critique of – a country brand that is as rich in resource as it is potent with promise.

About the Author

Koh Buck Song has worked on the nation branding of Singapore in various capacities, from global investment promotion to enhancing liveability and projecting “soft power”. In this second edition of Brand Singapore is his 29th book as author/editor.

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