Our Story

We are a leading general interest trade publisher in Asia, with a history spanning more than five decades. As a trusted brand, known for a diverse and wide variety of subject areas, and bestselling titles in every genre,  we pride ourselves on integrity and are committed to the spread of knowledge.  

To ensure high-quality books, our team of in-house editors and designers work with our pool of dynamic authors, to publish books written by, or about, renowned political and business figures, thought leaders and leading literary writers.

We boast a range of literary agents and distributors worldwide so that every title will be given the opportunity to debut on the international platform in both print and electronic formats. 

MCIA is a member of Times Publishing Group and sister company to Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE). We are dedicated to the spread of knowledge and hope that our expertly curated books will offer readers an enriching and memorable experience.


Marshall Cavendish Editions

If you are curious about the world and people, interested in broadening your perspectives and want to be entertained while you’re at it – Marshall Cavendish Editions has something to offer. We bring you diversity, fascination and style. Our spectrum of content covers the sweep of natural and geographical wonder, history and politics, art and architecture, culture and heritage, travel – and literary fiction. One of our successful series is CultureShock!, a survival guide to customs and etiquette, that has sold over 4 million copies worldwide. We also publish memoirs, biographies, social and political commentaries by and about renowned political Asian figures such as Lee Kuan Yew, Kishore Mahbubani and Mahathir Mohamad, as well as literary works by leading Asian writers Catherine Lim and Meira Chand. All these are developed by recognised and experienced writers, and presented in exciting, contemporary formats.

Marshall Cavendish Business

Marshall Cavendish Business titles articulate the thoughts and visions of the people who shape, direct and influence business, not only in Asia but also internationally. We publish works by leading business personalities on finance, banking, management and career development. Our authors range from top management gurus and influential bankers to young and successful entrepreneurs. We bring to readers a wealth of insight as well as a global outlook and international context. Our bestselling books include Augmented by Brett King and Doing Digital by Chris Skinner.

Marshall Cavendish Cuisine

Each Marshall Cavendish Cuisine title is a delicious treat – ripe with luscious visuals, heady with scrumptious recipes, and a-sprout with ideas and practical tips. We cover a range of cuisine and our books are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned cooks. Anyone with an interest in food will find his or her culinary journey enriched and invigorated. Our bestselling books include the Kawaii series by Little Shirley Wong and the Creative Baking series by Susanne Ng.

Marshall Cavendish Children

Marshall Cavendish Children’s books enthrall and entertain young readers through the world of adventure, fantasy, mystery and much more. The stories nourish imagination and the illustrations enhance visual literacy, helping children cultivate a lifelong love for reading. Some notable series includes the Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase series by Neil Humphreys and the Captain Green eco series by Evelyn Bookless.