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Title Imagine All This: How to write your own stories  
ISBN 9789814771153
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Don Bosco
Specifications 135 x 216mm / 272pp / Paperback
Publication Date Sep-2016
Target Audience First time authors, students, anyone who wants to write stories
Price (SGD) SGD 23.35
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About the Book

Ever wanted to write your own stories? Here's a fun and inspiring guide to get you started. This book will help you use your imagination in clever ways and turn your ideas into a great story experience.

All the basics of writing fiction are covered:
  • how to create captivating characters
  • how to build a rich storyworld
  • how to plan and plot
  • how to write scenes
  • how to manage your creative process
  • how to explore different genres, and more
This book also contains creative journal pages, specially designed to help you capture your ideas, chart your creative journey, and finish that story or book that you've been dreaming about.

About the Author

Don Bosco is an award-winning writer and publisher. His own stories are inspired by Asian legends and pop culture. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011. Two of his seriesm, Sherlock Hong and Lion City Adventures were co-published with Marshall Cavendish for international distribution. He is a local co-organiser for StoryCode Singapore, which promotes transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms. He maintains an influential blog, and has also been a featured speaker at content creation events. He used to write magazine features, TV scripts and film treatments.

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