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Title Miss Seetoh in the World  
ISBN 9789814328364
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Catherine Lim
Specifications 130 x 198 mm (portrait) / 488PP /PB
Publication Date Nov-2010
Target Audience General
Price (SGD) SGD 23.32
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About the Book

Miss Maria Seetoh, a teacher of English and Literature in St Peter’s Secondary School in Singapore, sees herself as a ‘simple soul who only wants to be a good and happy person’, and has a dream to write stories about ‘simple, ordinary people going about their daily lives’. However, God/ Providence/Fate/Chance, etc. decrees otherwise. She is thrown into the tumult of a disastrous marriage that begins as strangely as it ends, a failed love affair that ‘hollows her out’, and a controversial teaching career that ends with her abrupt resignation. Most of all, she is caught in a political event as shocking in its causes as in its consequences.


Set against the backdrop of modern-day Singapore, a hugely successful city-state grappling with changes and challenges that could corrode the very soul, the novel ultimately examines, with wit, wry irony and warm understanding, the unchanging quandaries of the human condition, when love and sex, religion and politics, tradition and modernity, can all come together in an unruly mix, to show human nature at its most depressing and its most inspiring.



  • Widely-published Author
  • Numerous titles adopted for literature studies in schools/universities.
  • Local appeal: Stories deal largely
    with themes such as the east-west divide, Asian culture (especially Chinese culture), women's issues, and Singapore's culture, history and politics.
  • Stories celebrate the independence of the human spirit.


“I write because I enjoy it. I write about things that interest me — human behaviour, human relationships, the not-so-pleasant abilities people posses to deceive one another, seek revenge, inflict pain. And their capacity to bear it all as well.”


“I love anything that is human, anything that defines us as human beings with all our flaws, all our struggles, but the thing that I'm most inspired by, the thing that is the whole basis of my spirituality is the conviction that our human spirit will transcend in the end all our little faults and feelings.”


“I would like to describe myself as a true chronicler of the human condition. True and caring.”

— Catherine Lim


About the Author

Frequently referred to as the doyenne of Singapore’s literary circles, Catherine Lim is internationally recognised as one of the leading figures in the world of Asian fiction. The prolific Lim has penned more than 19 books across various genres — short stories, novels, reflective prose, poems and satirical pieces.


Lim has won several national and regional book prizes for her literary contributions and was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Literature by Murdoch University, Australia and a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture and Information. Many of Lim’s works are studied in local and foreign schools and universities and have been published in various languages in several countries. One of her novels, A Leap of Love has also been made into a movie. Besides writing, Lim guest lectures at local and international seminars, conferences, arts/writing festivals and cruise ships worldwide. She has also appeared on radio and television programmes in Singapore, Europe and Australia.


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