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Title 100 Great Changing Mindset Ideas  
ISBN 9789814779722
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Business
Simon Maier
Specifications 130mm x 198mm / 252pp / Paperback
Publication Date Apr-2018
Target Audience General
Price (SGD) SGD 18.60 BUY NOW
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About the Book

How do you change your mindset to create the life you want and deserve?
How can you develop the skills to transform your attitude?
How do you learn to take on challenges and believe in yourself?

A mindset is a mental attitude that predetermines a person’s responses to (and interpretations of) situations. Essentially, our mindset determines our behaviour. Developing the best mindset is the way you can learn something new, adopt new information, alter your beliefs and act accordingly. It’s important to adjust our mindsets to survive and thrive in the real world.

The 100 ideas in this book will equip you with the means to shift your way of thinking and change your mindset and attitude to give you the life you want and need. Learn from well-known business leaders what to do to take on challenges and become successful. Change isn’t easy but it is possible and this book will identify how your current mindset may be holding you back and how to start.

About the Author

Simon Maier
is a communications expert and has worked with corporations around the world. He uses storytelling as a consultancy tool to help senior executives and staff to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and change their mindsets to be more effective.
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