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Title The Devil's Circle  
ISBN 9789814302982
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Walter Woon
Specifications 130mm x 198mm / 336 pp (tentative)/ PB
Publication Date Aug-2011
Target Audience General
Price (SGD) SGD 18.50 BUY NOW
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About the Book

The war is over, the Union Jack flies again over the Municipal Building. Life has come full circle. Or has it? The old certainties are gone and he British are not universally welcomed to take their former place as colonial masters.
Malaya is in ferment and the day of reckoning has come for those who fought for the Japanese, with the Japanese, and against the Japanese. The air is rife with suspicion and everyone's loyalty is in question.
The Communists and the Kuonmintang have resumed their interrupted struggle for the loyalty of the Malayan Chinese. Malay nationalists resent the return of the Orang Puteh and fear they will be sold-out. A Kempeitai torturer must be given a fair trial, even though he will say nothing in his defence. An officer of the Indian National Army who fought the British for India's freedom faces a capital charge of waging war against the King-Emperor.
Dennis Chiang and his friends are drawn into the chaotic world of post-war Singapore, where accounts must be settled and the colour of justice is not black and white but grey.

About the Author

Walter Woon was educated at the National University of Singapore and St John's College, Cambridge. He has been at various times the Sub-Dean and Vice-Dean of the NUS Law Faculty, a nominated Member of Parliament, a director of two listed companies, legal adviser to the President, ambassador to several European countries, Solicitor-General and Attorney-General. He is presently a Senior Council, David Marshall Professor of Law at the NUS Law Faculty and Dean of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education.

He is married with two sons.

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