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Title The Plano Adventures (Book 1): Trouble in Murktown  
ISBN 9789814828482
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Children
Written by Dr Mo Dirani and Hwee Goh, illustrated by Dave Liew
Specifications 130mm x 198mm / 52pp / Paperback
Publication Date Aug-2018
Target Audience Children age 5 and up
Price (SGD) SGD 11.22 BUY NOW
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About the Book

Lord Myopic is determined to cover Murktown in fog, and take control of its people. Only Professor Plano knows how to defeat him! He is on his way to pick up his Clear Vision potion when he ends up in the backyard of a certain pair of twins! Little does he know, this is the exact place he needs to be to succeed.

About the Series

Suitable for emerging readers, The Plano Adventures series are fun early chapter books on the exciting adventures of Professor Plano as he defeats Lord Myopic with the help of his adorable twin sidekicks. Myopia, or short-sightedness, device dependency and lack of outdoor activity are public health concerns worldwide. The stories from this series are based on scientific research and were written specially to empower young readers to tackle the adverse effects of excessive device use.

About the Authors and Illustrator

Dr Mo Dirani is Managing Director of plano Pte Ltd, a parental management app that aims to manage smart device use and myopia in children worldwide. An adjunct Research Fellow at the Singapore Eye Research Institute, Mo completed his PhD in 2006 with the world’s largest twin study to investigate the genetic and environmental risk factors of myopia, and undertook an appointment at NUS in 2008, where he co-led a study that produced one of the most cited scientific papers with novel insights into the protective nature of outdoor activity in the development of myopia.

Hwee Goh is a MediaCorp scholar who spent 16 years in political broadcast news. She is also a communications professional who teaches media skills and provides editorial support to companies at The Media Consultants Singapore.

David Liew is the illustrator behind two highly successful book series. Currently Regional Advisor to the Singapore Chapter of the International Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, he was previously a history and art lecturer.

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