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Title The Science of Happiness  
ISBN 9789673035151
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Avanti Kumar
Specifications 172mm x 105mm; 136pp; Limp
Publication Date Apr-2010
Target Audience • General. • New age motivation enthusiasts.
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About the Book

What does Happiness mean to you?

Success - Love - Health - Money - Knowledge - Joy - Peace - Creativity - Good fortune in all areas of life?

Happiness is indeed many things to you and me.

Happiness is a state when all desires are fulfilled.

Let me repeat: being Happy is a state that guarantees all your desires are continually being met.

Happiness is a tag for everything that everybody wants.

Ancient and modern teachers agree that Happiness is not by chance.
Being Happy is a definite science.

This 12-step course holds practical secrets and techniques to build your own happiness in all the forms you desire.

This complete practical self-coaching course will help you quickly build a lasting foundation to your own happiness.

It is so practical, we have designed it as a pocket-sized companion, so that you can carry around your own happiness wherever you go.

About the Author

Avanti Kumar is a British technology and business consultant, coach and writer, who has worked in many fields - airlines, business, media, counselling and broadcast drama.
His research and practice of ancient disciplines, married with modern psychology is just one of his passions. Sharing these secrets is yet another passion.

Currently based in Malaysia as a national correspondent covering the information and communications technology industry for an international media house.

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