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Title House of the Sun  
ISBN 9789814868600
Imprint Marshall Cavendish Editions
Meira Chand
Specifications 130 x 198mm / 368pp / paperback
Publication Date Mar-2020
Target Audience General
Price (SGD) SGD 23.35
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About the Book

“In March Saturn is coming into the House of the Sun. Saturn is strong and will bring trouble,” Bhai Sahib warns Mrs Hathiramani, reading her horoscope in his temple, set within his home in the Bombay apartment building they call Sadhbela.

Forty years before, the residents of Sadhbela were Hindu refugees from Sind, fleeing the turmoil of Partition. Now, in Bombay, these Sindhi exiles live as one family, for better or for worse. With the priest’s announcement, their lives will be irreversibly swept along
by planetary influence.

Sham Pumnani, the embezzler and sole breadwinner in his family, finds his future suddenly bright with promise. His sister, Lakshmi, meets with the most tragic of fates for women in a traditional society. Rani Murjani learns to stand up for herself and reach out to a new age. Through it all Mr Hathiramani races against time to produce his translation of medieval Sindhi poetry, so that in Sadhbela their proud heritage will not be lost forever.

Skilfully balancing biting humour with a deep emotional undercurrent, House of the Sun is a portrait of the follies and foibles of an unforgettable cast of characters, painted with wit, compassion and a lot of heart.

About the Author

Meira Chand is of Indian-Swiss parentage and was born and educated in London. She has lived for many years in Japan, and also in India. In 1997 she moved to Singapore, where she is now a citizen. Her multi-cultural heritage is reflected in her novels.

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