Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan is the co-founder of atomi, a Singapore-based lifestyle brand dedicated to made-in-Japan products, which was set up with his wife, Mitsuko Murano, in 2009. atomi has established itself as the go-to purveyor of high-quality Japanese furniture, homeware, clothing, gifts and bespoke management consultation services. 

Andrew developed a deep interest in Japanese culture at a young age from watching the Japanese television drama Oshin and the film Tampopo at the Picturehouse. He has travelled extensively in Japan, from his days as a corporate warrior to being a current business owner of atomi.

Andrew has a wide-ranging love of Japanese culture, from shinrinyoku to manpo-kei, kintsugi to wabi-sabi; he also enjoys Japanese cuisine and beverages, from chado to sake. He is passionate about sharing his love for all things Japanese and his unique outsider-insider insights into the various aspects of Japan.

Andrew developed and taught two undergraduate modules on entrepreneurship at a local university. He also co-lectured two postgraduate modules, one conducted in English and the other in Chinese, on entrepreneurial mindset, technology and innovation. His passion for education ties in closely with his consulting business to create a conducive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies.

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