30 Useful Herbs & Spices Of Thailand : 30 Useful Herbs & Spices Of Thailand

ISBN 9789814771382

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Hugh T.W. Tan


What’s the difference between holy basil, sweet basil and hoary basil — and which one is "Thai Basil"? Which type of chili packs the most punch? What culinary secret do “Chinese Keys” unlock? Which Thai herbs can relieve indigestion, cough, rheumatism, fatigue or migraine? 

Thai cuisine is famed for the complexity and delicacy of its flavours,  largely the result of the herbs and spices used. Surprisingly, only thirty or so are needed. It is the ingenious combination of these ingredients that makes Thai food so distinctive. At the same time that these herbs and spices add flavor and fragrance, they bring natural curative properties that have been recognized for their efficacy in traditional practice through the ages. 

Each herb or spice in this book is described in terms of its botanical characteristics, its culinary and medicinal uses (and other notable applications), and how it should be handled and stored to best preserve its qualities. In addition, a selection of classic recipes shows how the various ingredients are brought together harmoniously in authentic Thai fare.  

Packed with information and photos, this book is an ideal guide to the science of these useful plants, the practicalities of putting them to use, and the magic of Thailand’s cuisine and culture. 

Hugh T.W. Tan
Hugh T.W. Tan, Associate Professor at the Department of Biological Science, National University of Singapore, has been with the university teaching and researching botany and ecology for over 20 years. He has edited and co-written several books on local biology and horticulture.