Little Mimic’s Superpower

ISBN 9789814893992

Book E-Book

Emily Lim-Leh John Lim



Little Mimic has some inkling that he has a superpower, except he doesn’t understand it. The young octopus uses his special abilities to blend in with different sea creatures, but none of these encounters satisfies his questions until unexpected danger comes along...        

Join Little Mimic in this swimmingly fun tale of how a little octopus uncovers his superpower in the deep blue sea.

Emily Lim-Leh
Award-winning author Emily Lim-Leh is the first outside North America to win three medals for her children’s books at the IPPY awards (the world’s largest book awards) and also the first in South East Asia to win the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Like Little Godwit, Emily took a somewhat lonesome journey to find her wings as an author. Now, Emily’s imagination happily takes flight in search of new tales to write. Read more about Emily at
John Lim
John Lim, also known as SeeSaw, is a dreamer. He loves to illustrate and doodle as it helps him express his inner thoughts better than words. Like Little Godwit, John is always willing to try new things. He believes that we should not be afraid to be ourselves and express our ideas, and that we should have fun doing it! Find out more about John here and here

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