The Future of Real Estate: What’s next after new tech and Covid-19?

ISBN 9789814928441

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Ku Swee Yong


The global pandemic has delayed many real estate plans while accelerating the adoption of many technology challenges. In turn, these technologies will disrupt the real estate industry, causing some to become irrelevant and useless. Combined with the increasing numbers of ageing baby boomers, what is Singapore’s future going to look like? What plans should we make for our properties?

Market commentator and respected real-estate expert Ku Swee Yong weighs in on some of these questions and shares his insights on the opportunities for investors and what is the future of real estate in Singapore.

Ku Swee Yong
Ku Swee Yong is a practising property agent and the CEO of Century 21 Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd — a leading global property agency. He is concurrently a CEO of International Property Advisor Pte Led — a real estate family office that is qualified to carry out the work of an Estate Agency and provide real estate investment advise. Swee Yong’s daily work as a property agent puts him in direct contact with a wide range of properties and immediate feedback from clients. He has bought, sold, leased and managed properties for high-net-worth individuals, corporations, property developers and funds.

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