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Changemakers: The Magic Numbers

ISBN 9789814974394

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Hoe Yeen Nie David Liew

The fifth book in the popular Changemakers series, The Magic Numbers is an adventure into the secret world of math to discover how it has transformed our world and why we can’t live without it!



Mathematics is more fun, mysterious and magical than many of us realise, and it is present in all aspects of our lives. We certainly can’t live without it!

  • Why is zero considered the most dangerous number?
  • How did ancient Egyptians measure the world with just a simple stick?
  • What was the math error that caused a NASA rocket to
  • blow up?
  • Which language is used every day all over the world, and is purely made up of numbers?

Documentary filmmaker Hoe Yeen Nie and historian/artist David Liew take you on a quest to unlock the secret world of numbers and math, and explore how it has transformed our lives in all sorts of incredible ways. Are you ready for an amazing adventure?

The Change Makers series of books will build in children a strong sense of inquiry — to arm them with knowledge in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to tackle this brave new world of unknowns.

Hoe Yeen Nie
Hoe Yeen Nie is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist who enjoys telling stories that reveal unexpected truths about ourselves and the world we live in. She used to be wary of creepy crawlies, but after delving into their strange and incredible world, she is now learning to appreciate and even love them. Yes, intestinal worms included. Follow her adventures @yeennie.hoe

David Liew
David Liew is a prolific artist/sculptor who has illustrated several bestselling book series. This book has especially enabled David to return to his history-educator roots. He also supports fellow authors and illustrators as the Regional Advisor to the Singapore Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


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