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Will AI Dictate the Future?

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Dr Anton Ravindran

As AI becomes more pervasive in every aspect of human life, there is an urgent need to understand it and harness it in a way that benefits mankind. But where do we begin? The 13 chapters in the book break down this complex subject by examining AI’s impact on key sectors of our societies. 


“Artificial Intelligence will either be the best or worst thing to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.”

As AI becomes more pervasive in every aspect of human life, there is an urgent need to understand it and harness it in a way that benefits mankind. But where do we begin? The 13 chapters in the book break down this complex subject by examining AI’s impact on key sectors of our societies. Chapters delve into specific industries, probing the myriad opportunities and potential risks brought about by AI:

  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobility
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Satellite Systems
  • Government
  • AI Ethics

Authored by Dr Anton Ravindran, together with guest chapters contributed by leading experts in their fields, this invaluable book provides a clear, comprehensive and authoritative look at how AI – managed wisely – can change the world for the better.


Praise for the Book


“Dr. Anton’s book explores objective views on what the future holds for AI and its impact on humanity. With his years of expertise in the field, Dr. Anton not only provides exciting interpretations into the prevalence of AI in a variety of sectors and its potential evolution in each but also importantly, the ethics and governance of the responsible practice of AI.”

Dr. Maliki Osman

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office; Second Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education

“I have known Dr. Anton Ravindran for over a decade. He is an inspiring leader with a heart to do good and do better for all around him. He is an astute leader in technology with deep domain expertise. Many seek out for his wise counsel for industry development and his ability to operationalise, execute and deliver results. He has dedicated his life serving others in the community and industry, uplifting and mentoring the next generation of technology professionals. Above all, he is a friend and mentor. I wish him the very best for his latest book that seeks to define a new frontier, an adventure and a great opportunity for Singapore and Singaporeans. We are proud to have Dr. Anton to be leading the way.”

Shawn Huang

Member of Parliament, Singapore; Director, Temasek International


“Dr. Anton brings a broad-based perspective of AI, drawing upon the past, present and future. His unique blend of deep tech knowledge and imparting this to the IT community, gives him a great lens into the future of AI. This book is a good read on how AI is impacting industries and society.”

Sam Liew

President, Singapore Computer Society

“Dr. Anton Ravindran has been a leader in the field of information technology, where he has established an enviable reputation for his deep insight of the emerging business technologies and trends. His current research and writings on the pervasiveness of AI in our life’s activities necessitate answers to this intractable question of “what will be the impact of AI on our future?” His examination of this topic provides a window view of the many possible answers of how AI will shape the various sectors of our society in the future…”

Prof. Emanuel Grant

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of North Dakota


“Dr. Anton Ravindran is a visionary and a path-builder. He draws on his long experience at the coal face of cutting-edge technology issues and assimilates them in this book, which presents real-world assessments of AI and it’s incipient impact on humanity. This book provides thought leadership and insights on the foundational workings of AI – he is the voice that needs to be heard.”

Abraham Vergis, S.C

Founder & Managing Director, Providence Law Asia LLC


“Dr. Anton brings a unique blend of heart and deep tech which gives him a great lens into the future of AI and the impact on society and businesses. This book is a timely knowledge read of the state of affairs of AI at the moment.”

Howie Lau

Managing Director, NCS


“Combining his scholarly pursuits with decades of hands-on experience as a technopreneur, Dr. Anton brings together diverse and thought provoking views on AI and its impact. A good read for anyone interested in gathering deep insights on our tech-driven future.”

Frank Koo

Head of Asia (Talent Solutions), LinkedIn


“Dr. Anton Ravindran is an established technopreneur and visionary. This important book brings together unique and stimulating insights into the future impact of AI on society and industry, including

5 thought leadership chapters from academia and industry. It is a must read for all!”

Prof. Liz Bacon

Vice-Chancellor, Abertay University


“Dr. Anton Ravindran whom I know for well over the last two decades was an early entrant into the world of information technology. I have seen him grow as a Techpreneur over the years. He has matched his growth in the world of business with his commitment to the community; this evidenced by the various community activities that he has undertaken and continues to do so. A dispassionate view on the ‘pervasive’ invasion of artificial life into every aspect of human life is long overdue. Dr. Anton’s treatment of the very challenging topic is refreshing; he identified certain areas and assembled a team of experts to give their views on the impact of AI on a diverse range of areas that touches our life including Healthcare, Law, education and a few other identified topics. I look forward to him continuing the journey and wish him continued success.”

M. Rajaram

Partner and Chairman, K&L Gates Strait


“The field of AI is rapidly gaining importance and changing our lives permanently. The different forms and areas of application of AI are diverse and require structured investigation. Dr. Anton’s book is an essential analysis of the impact of AI on our future and is highly recommended.”

Prof. Dr. Richard C. Geibel

University Fresenius of Applied Sciences, Germany


“Dr. Anton’s rich experience and keen insights provide the foundation to his practical assessment on how AI must be harnessed for businesses and society.”

Dr. Yoke Sin Chong

Managing Partner, iGlobePartners


“Ideas and views that challenge my own perception of what AI would be. Dr. Anton in his work penetrates my fears and my hopes for artificial intelligence in our lives. My recent discussions with him on AI had been a blend of innocence and ignorance. His book demystifies aspects of AI for my children’s future and expectations. This tech pioneer has amassed expertise of Singapore’s foray into computers and technology for three decades. His book peels away at what I had believed to be AI’s destiny in our world, causing me to abandon my own views. I had imagined as a lawyer, AI’s servitude in our work, but my views have been challenged. Dr. Anton’s mastery of the discussion tears into controversy I had not anticipated. His views provide a thought foundation for public administration, finance, defence, healthcare, law and mostly, anything that AI would touch. I needed this education.”

Ronnie Tan

Managing Director, Central Chambers Law Corporation


“Dr Anton Ravindran demonstrates through his book “Will AI Dictate the Future" that he is a ‘people’s person’ by taking Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the common person. At the same time, Professor Ravindran alerts the AI experts on what are the emerging challenges in AI. In his book, he shows his dexterity in introducing refinements of AI into ANI, AGI and ASI that defines Narrow, General and Super AIs. AI affects every individual today, tomorrow and well into the future. I wish Dr Anton Ravindran the very best for this inspiring book and look forward to seeing more from him in the near future that will share his knowledge for the betterment of society.”

Prof. Edmond Prakash

Research Dean, Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Dr Anton Ravindran

Dr Anton Ravindran has been in the IT industry for more than three decades, working for IBM, CA, and Sun Microsystems before venturing into entrepreneurship. He is currently the Founder CEO of law tech startup SmartLaw and GICT Training Pte Ltd, and has been featured in the Straits Times, Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, and CNBC. He was formerly Co Founder & CEO of Genovate which operated in 7 countries and 13 cities. He won several awards including the Entrepreneur Award and E&Y Enterprise 50 (E50) for himself and Genovate respectively.

He holds a bachelors (US), MBA (US) and a doctorate (Australia) in IT. He is a chartered fellow of the British Computer Society as well as Fellow of the Singapore Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer UK. He was a Visiting Professor with the University of Bedfordshire (UK) and Birla Institute of Technology and Science & Technology (Dubai Campus). He is a Visiting Professor with the Hochschule University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Adjunct Professor at the Bina Nusantara University (Indonesia).

Find out more at https://antonravindran.com/