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Mirelle’s Mirror

ISBN 9789815084115

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Katherine Wallace Ella Elviana

An engaging and humorous story with a compelling message about noticing the natural world, working together as a community and caring for our oceans.



Mirelle is beautiful, but her ocean home is a mess. When pollution stains her flawless tail, Mirelle puts down her mirror for the first time and looks around her — what she sees fills her with dismay. This vain but delightfully determined mermaid must ultimately decide what’s more important — saving her good looks or saving her beautiful ocean.

Katherine Wallace

Katherine Wallace is a writer, musician and educator whose love of words and music unite in her stories and songs. Along with children’s books, she has written and directed songs and scripts for choirs and music-theatre productions and enjoys coaching children and adults in singing and acting. A former university lecturer (English and Music), Katherine has published and presented widely in academic circles, and continues to perform and record as soloist and in professional ensembles in Canada, USA and Asia-Pacific.

A keen nature enthusiast, Katherine hopes to inspire others to look around them and take care of the wonderful world we live in. She currently divides her time between Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Connect with Katherine at www.kwstorysong.com and follow her on social media @kwstorysong.

Ella Elviana
Ella Elviana was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She studied Pharmacy in university, but later found her true passion in illustration. Today, Ella specialises in children’s book illustration, and has illustrated dozens of children books since 2007. She fell in love with this genre because of the honesty, sincerity and cheerfulness she finds in it. Watercolor and ink are her favourite media in illustrating.


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