Navigating Life: Reflections & Stories

ISBN 9789815084153

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Andrew Phang Christine Phang

Words of wisdom and advice for personal growth.



Getting one’s life principles in order and then applying them are of prime importance as they form the foundations upon which our lives – both personal and professional – are built. This book is a distillation of the author’s experiences in life and contains nuggets of wisdom which have guided him in his life’s journey as a legal academic, judge and family man.

These open and honest reflections, together with illustrations by the author’s younger daughter, provide fascinating and thought-provoking material to form the basis of potential reflection by readers, and may perhaps be of useful application to their own lives.

Andrew Phang

Andrew Phang spent almost a quarter of a century in legal academia before joining the Supreme Court of Singapore as a Judicial Commissioner, Judge and then Justice of the Court of Appeal. He recently retired and is presently a Senior Judge as well as a professor in universities in both Singapore and overseas.

Christine Phang

Christine Phang, the author’s younger daughter, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors of Humanities and Arts, majoring in Fine Art and Psychology. She is presently working as an art therapist at a community mental health clinic in California and is completing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Dominican University of California.