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Piggy: Painting the Seasons

ISBN 9789815113020

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Trevor Lai

Penny Penguin is an artist who's never seen the four seasons, until Piggy takes him on a colourful adventure to experience nature's beauty.



Penny, a famous painter from Antarctica, is preparing for an important art exhibition, but is stuck for ideas. The penguin travels to the Story Museum to seek Piggy's help. Will Piggy be able to inspire the artist to paint his greatest work yet?

Trevor Lai

Trevor Lai is an award-winning entrepreneur, author-illustrator, director and the founder of Up Studios, one of the leading animation studios in China. Since publishing his first book at the age of 17, Trevor has written and illustrated over 30 children’s books, including the Piggy and Tomo series.

Trevor also created the Super BOOMi television series, which has topped national ratings on CCTV and Hunan TV, while also being broadcast on Canada’s largest children’s channel Treehouse TV and in other markets internationally. Leading technology and media giant Tencent has invested in both the Super BOOMi and Piggy series, which have amassed more than 6 billion views online. Super BOOMi is also the family ambassador for the NHL in China, inspiring millions of youth to discover ice hockey.

An acclaimed speaker, Trevor has presented over 1,000 creative workshops and industry event keynotes in Asia and North America, with multimedia presentations focusing on topics such as: the creative animation process, writing and entrepreneurship. 

Prior to founding Up Studios, Trevor was the Vice President for Asia of an international branding and design agency headquartered in Shanghai. His experience has enabled Up Studios to create partnerships for its characters with world-renowned brands like Apple, Intercontinental Hotel Group and the National Hockey League.


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