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For Home From Home

ISBN 9789815113181

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Noelle Khoo Foo Yihn

An activity book for young readers to learn about recycling by making fun objects for daily use



This fun-filled activity book introduces children ages 8 and up to the world of recyclable crafts. The book encourages children to give a new lease of life to items at home by repurposing them into useful things for home such as stickers, bowls, desk organisers and many more!

Basic skills such as cutting, pasting, drawing, painting are required but the child who is not extremely skilled will also be able to embark on the activities with some help from an adult and with lots of encouragement, the latter being the most important.

  • A fun-filled activity book for children
  • Introduces the idea of recycling to children
  • Activities for parent-child bonding
  • Develop basic skills and builds confidence among young readers
  • Attractive step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow
  • Activities increase in difficulty level as the child completes each craft

Noelle Khoo

Noelle Khoo is a visual arts specialist in a preschool with 10 years of art teaching experience. She enjoys creating unique and interesting learning experiences for her students. She also loves being in nature, relaxing somewhere near the sea.

Foo Yihn

Foo Yihn is a pre-school teacher and a crafts entrepreneur. The design of this book was based primarily on her signature white frame and alphabet tiles. Find out more about her on Instagram at Yihndulgence!


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