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Women of Substance: Passion, courage and wisdom at every age

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Theresa Tan

Inspiring stories of eight women who are quietly changing the world around them.

  • Real life stories of women who set out to make the world a better place for fellow humans
  • Inspiring accounts of how they found solutions to challenges that many face, from raising a child with special needs to feeding the hungry, from coping with grief to creating products to serve others.
  • Highlighting the resilience and courage of individuals in the face of adversity, and providing an understanding of what motivates them.
  • Drawing attention the issues faced in society and how to make a difference whether you start a social enterprise or are an army of one.



This book celebrates the stories of eight ordinary women who are extraordinary. Fueled with passion, courage, wisdom, shocking boldness and astounding generosity, they are quietly changing the world around them .

Each of the women light up their own spheres of influence in her own inimitable way. Their stories will inspire some to take the road less trodden and others to keep doing their best in the life assignment they have.

Ranging in age from their early 30s to late 60s, these women come from different industries and different job functions. What they have in common is the belief that they have a responsibility to do what they can to make life better, whether it is for a child, those in need, the environment or the nation.

The book features: Sister Linda Sim (Franciscan Missionary), Saleemah Ismail (Founder, New Life Stories), Christina Wang (Founder, Panis the Village),  Zhang Caixia (Caixia’s Little Balcony Garden), Nichol Ng (CEO of FoodXervices Inc and Food Bank Singapore), Carrie Tan (MP, Coach and Founder of Daughters of Tomorrow), Kathy Xu (Founder, The Dorsal Effect), and Charmain Tan (Founder, QuickDesk)

Theresa Tan

Theresa Tan is a happily married mother of three children with very different personalities. She has over 30 years of experience in the media, as a writer and editor of various magazines. She runs her own writing agency, WORD, while simultaneously working for her church. Theresa is also a playwright and author—she chronicled her journey through breast cancer in her book, A Clean Breast.


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