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Awesome Asian Animals: Fabulous Flying Five

ISBN 9789815113860

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Gloria Seow Kenneth Chin

An exciting, informative and creative story about the amazing abilities of Asian animals to instil in readers a love and curiosity for nature and biodiversity.  

  • The first title in a series of books on the awesome abilities of Asian animals; written by a professional nature guide and science educator and illustrated by a wildlife photographer and artist
  • Introduces children to the amazing animals that can be found in Asia
  • Features real life animals and their unique abilities; includes a fact sheet with wildlife photos and information on each animal
  • Creative storyline will fire the imagination and encourage children to learn more about the awesome animals around them



Sunbird thinks that only birds, bats and bugs can fly. When he learns that Fly the Frog and her special friends can also fly, he can't wait to meet them.

Sunbird suggests a contest to see who is fastest. But something unexpected happens on contest day. What will the animals do?

“A truly engaging story that skillfully weaves in the fascinating features of Asia’s native wildlife.
A great introduction to gliding animals!”
– May Lok Vice President (Education), Mandai Wildlife Group

“Asia is blessed with a myriad of fascinating creatures. Learning about them in this
exciting and informative story is the first step to protecting and conserving them.”
– Maggie Ka Ka Lee, Regional Head – Asia Pacific, Europe,
and North Africa – Impact, Monitoring, and Reporting, WWF

“Compelling storytelling and vivid portrayals of Asia’s rainforest animals by
two talented naturalists in their own right!”
– Dr Ding Li Yong Conservation Biologist, BirdLife International

Gloria Seow

Gloria Seow loves penning picture books that weaves fun facts into spellbinding stories on Asia’s awesome animals. Gloria is a professional copywriter, editor and nature guide. She has 15 years of nature education experience leading walks, workshops and day camps for schools, corporates and private groups. One of her night walks was even featured on Bloomberg.

Gloria is a Communications Professional, having worked in both the private and public sectors. She was the Copy Editor for the new 320-page book ‘Asia’s Greatest Wildlife Sanctuaries’ published by Tuttle Publishing in support of BirdLife International.

Gloria has headed the Education Committee in Nature Society Singapore (NSS) since 2008, as the former Chair and current Vice Chair, running NSS’s popular Fun with Nature Programme and hosting/speaking in Zoom talks on a variety of nature topics. Gloria is the current Editor for NSS’s ‘Nature Watch’ magazine. 

Kenneth Chin

Kenneth Chin is a Deaf but speaking conservation photographer, wildlife guide and illustrator. He specialises in Southeast Asian herpetology but is a naturalist at heart. For the past 10 years, he has been honing his skills and techniques to produce the best images of undescribed or rare animals. He actively contributes to field guidebooks, science papers and conservation groups around the region. Learn more about Kenneth: canlaken.com.