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The STAR System: Applying Visual Thinking for Business Success

ISBN 9789815169232

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Ai Yat Goh Sherrie Low

Four steps to becoming a business supernova.

  • A revolutionary approach to business success through visual thinking
  • Reader-friendly, step-by-step
  • Filled with lively diagrams to inspire readers to adopt visual tools
  • Authors bring decades of experience in business and academia
  • Endorsed by Dan Roam, author of the international bestseller, The Back of the Napkin


In a business world dominated by numbers and words, this groundbreaking book unveils the transformative potential of pictures. Embark on an exciting journey where you'll learn to wield visuals as powerful thinking tools, revolutionising your business strategies and problem-solving approaches.

The STAR System, an innovative framework developed by the authors, encapsulates this paradigm shift. It stands for Story, Takeaways, Application and Reflection – providing you with a structured and learnable approach to bolster your business resilience in today's uncertain times.

Within these pages, you'll acquire the skills to draw, diagram, and sketch your way to fresh insights, creative breakthroughs, and irresistible storytelling. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or simply seeking to sharpen your business skills, The STAR System will help you navigate the complexities of the modern business galaxy with newfound clarity, creativity, and confidence.

The STAR System is a brilliant, entirely new, and completely original approach
to visual storytelling, business excellence, and mastering the art of the possible.”
– Dan Roam, bestselling author of The Back of the Napkin

Ai Yat Goh

Ai Yat Goh was a senior banker for 15 years and her last banking role from 1987 to 1994 was Deputy GM at Sogelease, an affiliate of SocGen. She is currently a Visual Thinking Strategist at Infiniskills Pte Ltd. She is the first master trainer in Asia for Dan Roam’s international bestseller, The Back of the Napkin - Solving Problems with Pictures. Ai Yat  taught Entrepreneurial Process and Entrepreneurial Ventures from 2005 to 2017, and teaches Innovation Management from 2017 to present, both for the RMIT University Bachelor of Business Management at SIM Global Education Singapore. She also delivers guest lectures on a wide range of innovation topics at the Beijing Normal University. Ai Yat regularly conducts entrepreneurial development and creative innovation programmes for corporate clients. Ai Yat has also successfully started and operated several businesses in the areas of education, financial intel, F&B, retail etc. Ai Yat holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Entrepreneurship Institute Australia.

Sherrie Low

Sherrie Low has held senior positions in Sales and Marketing at CNBC Asia Pacific, Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks, Asia and Channel NewsAsia. She has deep expertise at generating business growth through marketing innovation and business development. She is a Strategic Communication Consultant at Infiniskills Pte Ltd and a licensed trainer for “The Power of Visual Thinking in Business”. She currently teaches the Professional Writing module for the RMIT University Bachelor of Communication programme at SIM Global Education Singapore. She also delivers guest lectures on Branding and Marketing for the New Venture Creation program at RMIT University, Australia, and Creative Problem Solving for the Beijing Normal University. Sherrie holds an MSc Global Marketing from the University of Roehampton London.