Sora and Ryan’s Yoga Adventure in Japan

ISBN 9789815169249

Book E-Book

Satoko Ohnishi Lianne Chua

A fun story featuring Japan’s iconic attractions, combined with creative yoga poses for children!

  • Suitable for children aged 18 months to 6 years old
  • Beautiful illustrations that children will enjoy exploring page after page 
  • Encourages children to have fun with simple yoga poses
  • Expands the imagination and encourages creativity among children
  • Includes yoga-related activity pages — mandala colouring, and drawing and breathing exercises – to help children to develop their sense of calmness and improve concentration.



Ryan arrives in Japan to visit his best friend, Sora. They go on a tour to see iconic attractions all over the country, including Nagoya Castle, Ninja Village and Todaiji Temple. They also take a high speed ride on the Shinkansen to see Mount Fuji, watch sumo wrestling and visit the TOKYO SKYTREE.

At each spot, they have fun creating their own yoga poses based on their new experiences.

This delightful book featuring some of Japan most well-known attractions will guide children through 10 fun yoga poses as they:

• acquire muscle strength and flexibility

• find their sense of balance

• develop observation skills and concentration

• use their creativity and imagination

Additional yoga-related activities — breathing and drawing exercises, origami and colouring pages — will help children find their sense of calm and learn to focus while having fun!

Satoko Ohnishi
Yogini, dancer, author and mother of Sora. Satoko was born and raised in Japan. She did her yoga teacher training course in India and trained in kids yoga in the US. She has been teaching kids yoga since 2013. Her mission is to spread the benefits of yoga for children all over the world. Find out more about Satoko at
Lianne Chua
Designer, illustrator and cat lover. Lianne lives and works in sunny Singapore. She has worked on a variety of projects from children’s picture books to corporate materials. Her vision is to illustrate the world into a better place one piece of art at a time!

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