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Butternut & Bobo

ISBN 9789815169300

Book E-Book

Jill Dana Anusha Santosh

A fun and vibrant story to help children face their fears and anxieties, with characters that will spark creativity in readers of all ages



When a café opens on-site, many supermarket foods are mistrustful of the new café foods. Then a mysterious ball bumps into Butternut. Will Butternut be able to help the old and new neighbours come together?

Join Butternut in this fun, dazzling story about open-mindedness, making new friends and adapting to change.

  • Part of a growing series of Butternut books that encourages readers to use their imagination and explore word play
  • A fun and humorous story about friendship, being brave, facing our fears and helping others 
  • An excellent teaching tool to spark discussion about fears; reassures children that they are not alone in their worries and anxieties
  • Introduces readers to the butterfly life cycle with an activity about butterfly gardening

Jill Dana

Jill Dana is an author, illustrator, award-winning filmmaker, and certified elementary educator. She has Master’s degrees in Television and Film Production and Elementary Education plus TESOL.  She is the author of the Butternut series, about a little butternut squash and his supermarket world, with themes of identity, friendship,#WhereFoodComesFrom and more.  Jill is active in the children’s literature community. Visit Jill on social media @JillDanaBooks to learn about foods on #FunFoodFactsFriday and visit her website www.JillDanaBooks.com .

Anusha Santosh
Anusha Santosh was born and raised in Bangalore, India. She developed a keen interest in illustration and thereby visual storytelling after pursuing her Bachelor in Architecture. Anusha finds passion in breathing life into stories through the medium of art. While she works on a variety of projects, her niche lies in the field of children's books.


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