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Startups and Titans: Ten Golden Rules for Building Startups and Transforming Organisations

ISBN 9789815169669

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Eric Wilson

Unlock the 10 golden rules for entrepreneurial success in our disruptive age. This book is your compass for navigating setbacks, harnessing innovation, and achieving sustainable growth in your start up or corporate.

  • Priceless insights from a diverse range of successful entrepreneurs
  • Stories of both wins and losses, of joy and suffering – you get the truth, warts and all
  • Easy-to-understand, conversational writing style that educates and entertains
  • Practical tools that can be used straight away in real-life contexts
  • Aimed at both new entrepreneurs as well as those transforming businesses from within


In a world overwhelmed by side hustles, disruptive tech and constant change, how do you transform from a spectator to a game-changer? This isn't just another business book – it is a survival guide for the modern entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

Unlock the 10 golden rules of entrepreneurship, gleaned from the wisdom of industry disruptors and the author's own rollercoaster career.

Whether you're a manager aiming to innovate within established walls, or a startup owner forging a disruptive path, this book is your indispensable roadmap. It takes you beyond buzzwords, providing actionable strategies to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable success.

Eric Wilson
Meet Eric, a dynamo in the global entrepreneurial arena. He’s raised over $100 million in venture capital; and built Australia's first cloud-native digital bank, amassing over half a billion in customer deposits and bagging numerous industry awards—all in record time. But Eric's meteoric rise met an abrupt halt during the COVID-19 crisis, forcing him to shutter his prized venture.

Unbroken, he turned painful setbacks into fuel to keep the entrepreneurial flame burning, re-emerging with a renewed focus. Today, he's a sought-after author, speaker, Board member and digital educator, influencing both large corporates and newly minted entrepreneurs in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. His wisdom isn't just theoretical; it’s hard-won from the trenches of both triumph and defeat.

Dive into Eric's story to uncover the keys to entrepreneurial success, the real-world wisdom of changing global businesses, and the invaluable lessons that only success and failure can teach.