A Warm Christmas

ISBN 9789814828291

Book E-Book

Leila Boukarim


Jack loves Christmas and waits for it all year long. Every year, he dreams it will be white. But Jack lives in the tropics where it doesn’t snow. However, one magical Christmas, Jack's wish finally comes true! As he enjoys playing in the snow, Jack realises that perhaps a white Christmas is not the kind of Christmas he really wants after all.

Leila Boukarim
Leila Boukarim was born in Lebanon and raised in several countries. She now resides in Singapore with her husband and two wonderful children. After discovering that her older child was highly sensitive, Leila dedicated herself to shedding light on what it is like to have a child who does not enjoy the playground, sprinklers or parties, and to writing books that speak to these extraordinary children. Her self-published books, All Too Much for Oliver and Aiden Finds a Way, have been recommended by Dr Elaine Aron, the thought leader and research psychologist who coined the term “highly sensitive”. She is also the author of Hello Goodbye Little Island which was picked up by ThinkEqual, a registered UK charity that seeks to impart social and emotional learning to children around the world, as a title to include in their education curriculum.

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