Architecture of Shame

ISBN 9789814841993

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Ho Kwon Cjan


Award-winning architect Ho Kwon Cjan has a wicked sense of humour and a keen interest in history. This book combines his passions, with a big dose of sheer cheek. In Architecture of Shame, the author ‘reveals’ little-known details about famous buildings around the world, such as how India’s Taj Mahal was intended to have two domes and that the Eiffel Tower, in France, once wore fig leaves. Some of the information is startling and unheard of, not least because they were drawn from the author’s vivid imagination. Each of the 28 chapters features a building of significant historical interest and tells an alternative background story behind its development and construction in a mischevious blend of leg-pull and tall tales. Also included are the author’s original illustrations of what might have been. This book will be of interest to architects, people with an interest in history – and anyone with a sense of humour.

Ho Kwon Cjan
Ho Kwon Cjan is head of architecture at the Banyan Tree Group and leads the team who designed many of the group’s beautiful resorts and hotels located all around he world. Prior to joining Banyan Tree, he had worked at a leading architectural practice in Singapore. Mr Ho holds a Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) from the National University of Singapore and is a recipient of the Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal.