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Baby Shark and Family Storybook Box Set

ISBN 9789814841740

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Join Baby Shark on his many adventures in the ocean, as he learns how to deal with problems while having fun! Baby Shark and the Tooth Fairy (ISBN 9789814841801) Baby Shark has lost a tooth. He looks everywhere for it but can’t find it. Mommy Shark comforts him and tells him that a new tooth will grow in its place. Baby Shark learns that it is all part of growing up. Grandpa Shark’s Hot Clam Buns (ISBN 9789814841818) Grandpa Shark makes the best hot clam buns. He makes batch after batch, but it is never enough. Baby Shark gets the ocean animals to help and make a giant hot clam bun, so everyone can have a share! Grandma Shark’s Magic Wand (ISBN 9789814841825) Grandma Shark uses her magic wand to help the ocean animals. But when it drops and breaks, her spells go wrong. She manages to fix it and gives Baby Shark the biggest sandcastle ever! Baby Shark’s Christmas (ISBN 9789814841832) Baby Shark is too excited about Christmas to fall asleep. But when he finally dozes off, he meets Santa and helps him deliver gifts to all the children. What a magical Christmas! The Shark Family Orchestra (ISBN 9789814841849) Each member of the Shark family enjoys playing a different instrument in the orchestra. When the lead singer loses her voice halfway through the concert, the Shark family steps in to save the day!