Beyond a Reasonable Doubt : Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

ISBN 9789814841481

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N. Sivanandan


In Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, N. Sivanandan, one of the longest-serving interpreters in Singapore’s judiciary, gives an insight into the work of a court interpreter. During his twenty years in the High Court and more than thirty years in the Subordinate Courts (now the State Courts), Sivanandan has interpreted in lengthy criminal cases — mostly murder, rape and robbery — and long, complicated civil trials before High Court judges, many with formidable reputations. Here are interesting cases that show what it is like standing next to the witness box and giving voice to the witness or litigant in a courtroom filled with their loved ones, judges, prosecuting officers and defence lawyers. This collection of experiences is enlivened by personal stories of the men on the bench, and life in the early days when the courts were situated in different areas and travelling between courts was itself an experience!

N. Sivanandan
N. Sivanandan spent more than five decades as an interpreter in the Judiciary. To mark his retirement, this book documents the interesting aspects of his work as an interpreter in the hope of inspiring the next generation. The book also includes a collection of high-profile interesting cases he has worked on.