Big Life Lessons For Little Kids : Big Life Lessons For Little Kids

ISBN 9789814771290

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The CAN DOs are all friends and they each have something to teach your child, from sharing and perseverance to doing homework and being a good sport. The CAN DOs help you as a parent lay the foundations for a well-rounded, confident and outgoing child. CAN is a child who has belief and confidence. CAN’T is a child who is filled with self-doubt. With the

Brandy is a collaboration between two fathers, Bruce and Andy (hence the amalgamated nickname). Bruce has three daughters and a son. Andy has two daughters and has recently become a grandfather. As caring dads, they were always on the lookout for information and advice that could help them bring their children up with the right values and a ‘Can Do’ attitude, But it was hard to find. Thus, the two fathers, who are both in the creative industry, conceived and created their own guides. Big Life Lessons for Little Kids is the result.

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