Crazy Cycling Chick : Crazy Cycling Chick

ISBN 9789814771146

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Angeline Tan


In June 2014, Angeline Tan cycled 4,000 miles (6,4000 km) across America in a record 39 days and produced a full-length documentary which captures the challenges of the journey. Raised in Malaysia by an austere dad and later in the highly competitive and progressive city of Singapore, Angeline had long harboured a desire to push herself beyond her personal limits and achieve something great. An opportunity presented itself when she moved to California with her husband. With the curiosity of an animal let loose in the wild, she began to explore her surroundings on her bicycle. The idea struck her: Why not cycle across America? And why not film a documentary to capture the experience? Angeline's account of her crazy dream, from inception to actualization, will resonate with anyone who has ever dreamed big. Laugh and cry with her on this journey of overcoming physical, mental and emotional obstacles, busting old beliefs, and making—and losing—new friends. Crazy Cycling Chick is not just Angeline’s story of cycling across the third-largest continent in the world, it is a tapestry of the hopes and fears of the people she met on her journey.

Angeline Tan
Angeline Tan is an adventurer, writer, filmmaker and motivational speaker with a special interest in inspiring change. She started writing at age five, having been greatly inspired by Enid Blyton. Crazy Cycling Chick is her first book. She is the creator of an independently produced documentary, Angie Across America, which covers the journey in this book. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area.