Cross-Worlds : Cross-Worlds

ISBN 9789814561648

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Suzanne S. Choo


Our twenty-first century is marked by a prevalent consciousness of ourselves as part of a global community. Transnational mobility of capital, people, products, and technology has served to intensify a sense of interconnectedness among people from diverse and disparate locations around the world. The challenge then is how we can seek to understand the complexities and nuances of our globalized world. It is here that literature provides powerful insights into the lives of individuals as they grapple with globalization and its effects arising from cross-border movements of tourists, refugees, asylum seekers, cross-cultural clashes and mixings, and political cross-fires among nations. This anthology features ten short stories written by internationally acclaimed writers around the world, including Chimamanda Adichie, Margaret Atwood, Nadine Gordimer, Ha Jin, Ken Liu, Bharati Mukherjee, Madhuri Vijay and Wena Poon among others. The stories are set in diverse settings – from Singapore to Canada, China, India, Nigeria, South Africa, the United States – and deal with global issues such as terrorism, the plight of asylum seekers and refugees, immigrant experiences, modern-day slavery and the effects of capitalism. It is hoped that these stories will prompt deeper, more empathetic, and layered connections with multiple others in our world.

Suzanne S. Choo
Dr Suzanne Choo is Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She completed her PhD in English education at Columbia University, USA. Her book Mining for Meaning which equips Literature students with key critical reading skills is used widely in Singapore schools. She is an award-winning educator. Her research on Literature education has been peer-reviewed and published internationally, and has been acknowledged with the International Award for Excellence by the International Journal of the Humanities for the best published article in the journal and the Walter M. Sindlinger Writing Award by Teachers College, Columbia University for exceptional research. She was awarded the 2014 Critics Choice Book Award by the American Educational Studies Association for her book Reading the World, the Globe, and the Cosmos: Approaches to Teaching Literature for the Twenty-first Century.