Cultureshock! Dubai

ISBN 9789814721721

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Leena Asher


CultureShock! Dubai is an indispensable guide for anyone planning a stay in the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Within a single generation, Dubai has blossomed from a quiet port city to major business hub with a lion’s share of the global gold trade. The emirate will host the World Expo 2020. Leena Asher draws on her insider knowledge to take visitors through the process of settling in, whether for short or longer stays. From getting an Emirates ID, navigating banking practices and exchanging Islamic greetings to sipping Arabic coffee and camel milk, shopping at the gold, textile and spice souqs and visiting a ski resort in the desert, the book provides complete information on what’s unique about life in Dubai. How do you greet a lady in Dubai? How does one survive the 50 degree celcius desert climate? Did you know that there are gold dispensing ATMs in Dubai? Get the most of out of your stay with this essential and fun-to-read guide!

Leena Asher
Leena Asher is a fourth generation expatriate in Dubai and works for voluntary causes around the city, counting art and music as her interests. To her, Dubai offers unmatched safety, security and quality of life. Both her children were also born and raised in Dubai.