Cultureshock! Philippines

ISBN 9789814751612

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Alfredo Roces


CultureShock! Philippines is a survival guide for anyone living, working or wanting to discover life in the Philippines. Settling into a foreign land is never easy, but with this book you will learn to understand the importance of “amor-propio”, appreciate the Filipino ways and learn about the history and culture of this diverse country. Find out the importance of family to the Filipinos, how to communicate with the locals and learn the appropriate business etiquette. Packed with a resource guide, glossary, contact numbers, website addresses and useful advice, CultureShock! Philippines is essential for anyone wanting to fit in and enjoy life in the Philippines.

Alfredo Roces
Now based in Sydney, Australia, Filipino Alfredo Roces is an award-winning veteran journalist who has worked in newspapers, magazines and also authored several books on the Philippines and its art. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Notre Dame in the USA.