Fear of the Guest

ISBN 9789814893138

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Yihan Sim


With ritual offerings and ghost storytelling at an all-time low, the ancient spirits of Singapore come together to form the Grassroots Committee of Ghosts and Monsters, aiming to help its members upgrade their skills and stay relevant in a fast-paced, constantly evolving urban landscape. As Chairman, the esteemed Lady Pontianak guides the committee towards progress as they diligently haunt SkillsFuture courses and master essential digital skills for the 21st century. However, a mysterious new monster gate-crashes the committee meeting and puts forth a much more radical, extremist proposal—a seductive alternative to their laborious efforts which proves to be extremely difficult to refuse… Fast-paced and playful, this novella follows the profound relationships between the natural and the supernatural, ultimately culminating in horrific carnage and bloodshed in the streets of Singapore.

Yihan Sim
Yihan Sim loves animals, tattoos, storytelling, music, and most of all, her small hairy dachshund. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy. In university, her research interests included ancient Greek philosophy, classical Chinese philosophy and Zen Buddhist philosophy. She currently works at the National University of Singapore.