High Net Worth Investing : High Net Worth Investing

ISBN 9789814771061

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Sam Phoen

This book is a guide to personal investing for both (a) “High Net Worth individuals”, generally defined as having $1 million in assets, as well as (b) Investors with $100,000 to $1m in assets – i.e. “Preferred”, “Priority”, “Gold”, “Treasures” bank customers – the fasting-expanding wealth category in Singapore and globally. Much of the financial world is shrouded in complicated jargon. This book demystifies the big concepts and shows how individuals can secure their financial future by understanding the big picture and then proceeding in small steps. To help investors know what they are buying, this book explains all the asset classes and major financial products that are accessible by individuals currently. Importantly, it points out the less obvious pitfalls that are usually not highlighted by the sellers of financial products. While most financial literature relies on cookie-cutter investment plans, and often only works if one has a few million dollars in the bank, investors with a few hundred thousand dollars often do not get the best advice. This book explains how these investors can devise asset allocation strategies to best suit their individual resources and needs.

Sam Phoen
Sam Phoen is a financial markets practitioner with over 20 years of experience. His working career included 16 years in GIC, where he was deputy head of the Foreign Exchange Department. He also had successful stints in a large Singapore-based hedge fund, followed by over 6 years in Shanghai managing the China Global Markets business for an Australian bank. Sam is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and was formerly a board director of CFA Singapore. He is the author of High Net Worth Investing (2016), and his commentaries have appeared in the Straits Times and other media.

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