Kuala Lumpur Street Names : Kuala Lumpur Street Names

ISBN 9789814561549

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Street names are a many-layered thing – crystallising various eras of history and celebrating multiple generations of people. As the federal capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s street names reflect its rich mix of cultures and its journey from colonial past to nationhood. This encyclopedic A-to-Z guide explains the meanings and origins of KL’s street names – those named after notable persons, after prominent landmarks, after local flora and fauna, etc. Themed street names within a particular area are also identified, e.g. the cluster of streets in Taman Sri Bahtera named after traditional Malay boats. Of particular interest is the renaming of streets over the years, ranging from literal translations (e.g. “Church Road” becoming “Jalan Gereja”), to completely new names (“Parry Road” to “Jalan P Ramlee”). Drawing on extensive research into the National Archives, the authors present their wealth of findings in a concise and easy-to-read way that will engage readers of all levels.