Lasting Power of Attorney : Lasting Power of Attorney

ISBN 9789814828567

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Lim Fung Peen

Since 2010, Singapore citizens and permanent residents have been encouraged to utilise the Lasting Power of Attorney, otherwise known as the LPA, to protect their interests but many in Singapore are still uncertain or unaware about it. Unfortunately, less than 2% of Singaporeans have done an LPA. This book seeks to encourage more people to do the LPA by explaining in clear terms how you can complete the LPA Form 1. Not just a book about the what and how, it first sets out its importance, why it is needed and the dire consequences of not having one. It also dispels myths and misconceptions about LPAs. The book provides interesting cases studies of real-life situations to illustrate the function of the LPA and contains references to other countries and how the LPA and equivalents operate in those jurisdictions.

Lim Fung Peen
Lim Fung Peen is a director of Yuen Law LLC and a veteran of the legal industry, having been in practice since 1997. His private practice focuses on Private Client matters such as MCA deputyship, adoption, bankruptcy, property and conveyancing, divorce, employment, wills, trusts and probate, estate planning, power of attorney, deed of family arrangements and more. He is also known for his work in corporate and commercial matters. His clients have included government statutory boards and well-known MNCs and SMEs.

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