Marbles, mayhem & my typewriter : Marbles, mayhem & my typewriter

ISBN 9789814794282

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Mano Sabnani


In a world where so many people believe that they cannot go far because they were not born gifted or with a silver spoon, Mano Sabnani’s story provides profound inspiration – showing how an ordinary man can achieve extraordinary things by following a very simple and ethical set of principles. From greenhorn journalist to Editor of the Business Times, Managing Editor of the Straits Times, CEO/Editor-in-Chief of TODAY, and Managing Director at DBS, Mano enjoyed a front-row seat to the transformation of Singapore since independence and the painful trade-offs that had to be made as it achieved its phenomenal economic success. In this memoir, Mano relates the story of his life, career and family, from an idyllic boyhood in Joo Chiat through to National Service, university days, a shoestring trek through Asia and Europe, marriage and fatherhood, to his role as an “activist investor” speaking up on behalf of ordinary shareholders. Along the way, Mano offers unique stories and special insight into a myriad of topics: friendship, leadership, values, the existence of God, the role of man in nature – and life itself.

Mano Sabnani
Mano Sabnani is currently Chairman and CEO of Rafflesia Holdings, a company he founded to pursue opportunities in the investment, corporate advisory and media sectors. A well-known activist investor, financial writer and advisor, Mano held senior positions with The Business Times and The Straits Times from 1977 to 1995. He then joined DBS Securities as Director of Research, moving on to other positions within the group. He left DBS Bank to join Corporate Brokers International (CBI) as Executive Director. CBI was focused on nurturing and investing in small, promising companies. He also spent 5 years as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of daily newspaper TODAY from April 2003.

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