Memories Of A Nonya

ISBN 9789814751575

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Queeny Chang


Memories of a Nonya was first published in 1981. This reissue of the book is based on the 1982 edition. The late Queeny Chang was a trailblazer. She spoke English, Malay, Dutch as well as several dialects. She led an extraordinary life and in this book, she presents a vision of a way of life that has long since vanished. Her authentic biography opens the windows of time and allows the images of the old world charm of the early 1900s to be seen again. She paints colourful portraits of her family, relatives, and many friends, particularly of her strong minded but fastidious and flamboyant mother. What she had to say to her life with her famous father, the late Mr. Tjiong A Fie is both fascinating and touching. Here is a story of a gentle woman, very real, warm and sincere.

Queeny Chang
Queeny Chang was the daughter of Tjiong A Fie, a prominent businessman and leader of the Chinese community in Medan, Indonesia. Tjiong is still highly regarded today and his long time residence has become a protected cultural heritage landmark and a leading attraction for visitors.