Mudley Explores KL : Mudley Explores KL

ISBN 9789814721943

Book E-Book

Arp Raph Broadhead


Mudley the bear belongs to a little girl called Sophie who lives in Europe. She would love to travel the world but has to go to school. And so, each time Dad has to travel overseas, Sophie packs Mudley into his suitcase and tells him, “Daddy, please let Mudley along to see the world.” 

Join Mudley as he travels to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mudley has a secret ambition to be an artist and these world travels are great to inspire his art. In this book, he visits Masjid Jamek, the Majestic Hotel, the KL City Gallery, Batu Caves, the Butterfly Farm, tin mines and more.  

Packed with fun facts, beautiful illustrations and photos of Mudley shot on location, this book is an ideal gift or travel souvenir for readers of all ages.

Arp Raph Broadhead
Arp Raph Broadhead is an award winning artist who lives and works between Vigo, Spain, and New York, USA. His art and designs have been exhibited/shown in many countries around the world and he continues to search for innovative solutions whether in furniture, mobility devices or his paintings.

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