Mystery at Red Marsh Lake

ISBN 9789814794596

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Nathaneal Reed


Thirteen-year-old Caleb Weybourne is sent to spend the summer with his archaeologist father in the remote town of Chismo in northern Canada, where Professor Weybourne hopes to prove the existence of the Mahkneejosh, the legendary great lake monster of the native Ojibway people. In Chismo, Caleb befriends two Ojibway boys, Isaac and Eli, and a colourful old Ojibway man, Emmett. On a fishing trip to Red Marsh Lake, the boys encounter the violent and dangerous local fugitive, Kibo, and almost lose their lives. During their flight from him, Caleb believes he may have seen the mysterious water monster. In a dramatic showdown, Kibo forces Emmett and the boys into a cave where he dynamites the entrance, trapping them inside. Can they get out in time, or will they end their days as bones for a future excavation team to discover?

Nathaneal Reed
Nathaneal Reed lives in Ontario, Canada, and has more than 30 years’ teaching experience. As a boy he lived in an Ojibway community, a native people in North America, and became enthralled with their stories and legends, particularly that of the Mahkneejosh. He has published short stories, articles and poems as well as full-length books, including Thunderbird Gold and Goodbyes Along the Way: The People and Stories of Mattagami First Nation. He has also had more than 50 curriculum units published for schools in Canada and North America.