On Air : On Air

ISBN 9789814841535

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This book brings together a collection of 51 essays by pioneering staff of the broadcasting station located on Caldecott Hill. Most of them have retired but have very rich memories of broadcasting that go back to the early years of Singapore’s independence, many even earlier. ON AIR captures the breadth and depth of life-long experiences of broadcasters over 82 years on the Hill; from the founding of the British Malayan Broadcasting Corporation in 1936 to Radio and Television Singapore (RTS) to Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), and finally to what is today Mediacorp. Between them, the authors have recorded many decades worth of work experience and share untold stories that range from the Japanese Occupation of Caldecott Hill to the changing faces of broadcasting to the move to Mediapolis at North Buona Vista in 2017. Illustrated with rare, archival photographs, many not seen before, this publication is the first of its kind that gives an insight into the work of the public faces that graced our television screens and voices heard on radio as well as traces the development of broadcasting in Singapore.